2020 Shadow Events

What are you planning for your Shadow Event?


The return of Alexander Jamilton! One of JoCo Cruise’s favorite Hamilton musical singalong events :smiley: :musical_keyboard:


I’ll be running two shadow events!

Morning Mindfulness — “Start your day with quiet mindfulness. We’ll gather for guided meditation, a thoughtful reading, and brief sharing. Pajamas and bedhead are welcome!”

Hands-On Cuneiform — “Ever wanted to write like the Mesopotamians? Eager to voice your complaints about the local copper merchants? Come learn how the cuneiform writing system developed, then practice by writing your own messages on clay! Participants will take home an inscribed clay tablet to use as an amulet, ornament, or gift. No linguistic or crafting ability necessary.”


Mermonkey Meetup: A gathering of merfolk on the beach of Half Moon Cay. Swim with the fishes in the crystal clear water near the pirate ship.

Geek Team Trivia: Compete with a team of fellow geeks to win fabulous prizes!

Mermonkey Parade Float: Float in the pool with the mermonkeys as we cheer on the participants of the Fancy Pants Parade!


An unconference on women in tech.


One of the 2020 passengers is Jeri Ellsworth. She’s an electrical engineer, and inventor, and a true inspiration to girls and women in the sciences.


I am running Sea Monkey Mail again.

Sea Monkey Mail is a small gift exchange between cruise participants. After sign-ups have closed, you will be assigned to a team of no more than 8 people (i.e., so you would be required to give seven gifts, and should receive seven gifts in return). At the start of the cruise, you hang a ‘mail bag’ outside of your cabin that people can leave your gifts in. More information is available in the FAQ and our facebook group.

2020 Sea Monkey Mail sign up - https://bit.ly/30OCaKS

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/JCCSeaMonkeyMail/

FAQ’s : https://bit.ly/2Hy5nlZ

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or come on over to our facebook group and post your questions there.


That’s wonderful, I hope she’ll be interested in joining.

I’m doing Maker’s Exchange again! Signups are still open…for a little longer.


I’m doing a talk on AI, focused on text generation based on a bunch of different baselines. Assuming all goes well, I’m hoping to do a live demo based on audience prompts.


That sounds fun! I’ll look forward to it!

Oh that sounds fun. Why not spin up a terminator to see if it can find people some roommates?

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I have two video game tournaments planned.

Classic NES Tetris - qualify for the finals by getting a high score, then go head to head in a best of 3 high score wins match!!! Fantastic prize for the winner!

Classic Doom Deathmatch - the classic FPS from 1993, go head to head to head to head in a 4 player match to see who wins. Qualifiers first, then finals. GOOD LUCK

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  1. Cripmonkeys and Spoonies gathering
  2. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Service/Guide Dogs
  3. Echo is having office hours. :slight_smile: :poodle:

Echo’s office hours are always a treat!

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I will so play some DOOM. Great idea!

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I submitted to teach people about setting up stuff for retro DOS gaming, either through assembling hardware or using DOSBox. Haven’t heard anything yet though. When does the shadow event schedule/selection get finalized?


We recently went to Disneyland which was only our 2nd visit and after 30+ years. A whole new obsession/hobby of pin trading is now all we talk about! I think it’d be fun to put on our cabin door a magnet cork board with pins (Disney and others/indie) for free trading.

I see in the wiki a pin-trading shadow cruise event last year and sadly I missed out on that fun. Anyone recall who organized it, or if there’s a similar event suggested for 2020? I did a FB search and only found a ‘makers’ trade event which is similar I suppose…

And, Happy New Year!

Jackie & Jason

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I’ll be doing at least one and probably a couple of star-gazing classes, weather and schedule permitting. I always welcome real astronomers attend and answer questions if they like- I’ve retained my amateur status thus far, but I’ve had this shadow event for several cruises now. :star: :star2: :star:


I really hope there is another D&D Night tabletop event. I ran a table last year and it was lots of fun!