2020 Shadow Events

Sounds fun - I am a newbi and still trying to figure out the system. With any luck I will be able to find the schedule and plan on attending. :slight_smile:

RAILMONKEYS Pre-Cruise Shadow Event (posting on behalf of Jen)

What are Rail Monkeys you ask? We are bunch of folk taking the train down the east coast to Florida. We hang out in the cafe/dining car and talk, play games, and just generally have a blast getting hyped up for the cruise.

Sound like fun? here are the details:

The train: Silver Meteor 97 (includes dining car)

The embarkation: Wednesday March 4th the train picks up people in the northeast

The disembarkation: Thursday March 5th the train arrives in Ft Lauderdale at 5:43 pm

Saturday March 7th the boat departs Ft Lauderdale.

(there is also at least one couple doing a Rail Pony, same train, but leaving THURSDAY and arriving FRIDAY i believe)

Come over to the Rail Monkey Facebook group and chat! Can’t wait to meet people!

Or you can just add your details here and we will see you on the train :slightly_smiling_face:


We’re doing the International Snack Exchange again! It is an opportunity for Sea Monkeys to share and exchange their favorite snacks from wherever they hail from. Coordination is happening in the Facebook group. You can request specific things there or just bring things for the general pile.

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You’ll be fine. The schedule will probably show up online in the next ~month. It’ll be readily available on the boat as well.

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I have organized a food tour in Santo Domingo. For details including how to sign up, check out: http://spatzel.net/arenson/jococruise/20200310-SantoDomingo.html

  1. a magic the gathering draft of roborosewater cards (cards made by a recurrent neural network)

  2. attempted critical role watch party thursday night. This will probably fail as it’s at the mercy of the ship’s internet.

Not a shadow event but while I’m chilling on one of the pool decks I’ll have my game boy camera and printer so people can make adorably shoddy photo booth stickers. It takes serious work to make photos that look this bad.

  1. I’m up for the Roborosewater Draft. Loading Ready Run did a stream of them playing it and it looks amusingly broken.

  2. I’m a fan of Critical Role, but I only pay for YouTube, not Twitch. Given that many critters on board may not have been able to watch the stream on March 5th, if someone can arrange the shadow event, I’ll pay for internet on Monday the 10th to download the whole thing as posted to YouTube and we can arrange a watch party, maybe on multiple nights? We would need a way to stream my phone to a bigger screen, of course.

I have a twitch sub to their channel AND I’m flying out on friday, so I totally plan on bringing the twitch vod from thursday night. I’ll schedule a daytime thing when on boat, I think changes for shadow cruise are still getting buttoned up.

Any D20 love in this CR crowd? I would like to figure out a way to get together for the D20Live vod on Thursday. It’s probably going to be a boss battle leading up to the final 2 episodes.

when and what channel is d20live? I can try - TRY - to fetch the vod in santo domingo if I find wifi.

Wednesday at 7pm Pacific in dropout TV’s twitch

It’s very cool of you to offer, but please don’t put yourself out too much! See you in 3 weeks!