Anyone still looking to share a room?

I’m a 45 year old male, non smoker who has been on 6 previous JocoCruise. Was going to skip this year but am getting the itch to attend again this year. Wanted to see if there is anyone still looking that might want to split one of the recently released rooms or has a spare berth available.

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Hi! Since I can’t seem to find out if there is a way to directly message… Yes, I still have half of my VA 8080 available. Would you like to know more?

Yes, I’m interested in hearing the details. You can either post here or I’m also on Facebook as Keith Whitmire if you wanted to message through there (I also posted in the JocoCruise 2020 FB page)

To message directly, click on the user’s avatar in their post and then select the “Message” button:

I am looking for a roommate. stateroom for 2 people on deck 1 .

Please DM me if there is interest or questions