Beverage cards? Pre-purchase or buy onboard?

If I just want to buy a $100 or $250 beverage card can I do so onboard or should I buy it in advance and have it delivered to my stateroom?


Based on what I’ve seen with the drink packages in general I I think there’s a bit of a discount buying it before we board versus on the ship. While I’m not positive I suspect if you buy it onboard you get hit with the X% gratuity versus buying it beforehand.

From what the person on the phone told me, I saved about $70 on my week long elite beverage package ordering it ahead of time vs on board. (For those curious, it ran $402.08 for the week)

Thanks! I got the elite beverage package last year, but I just couldn’t drink enough to get my money’s worth out of it :slight_smile:

Are you saying they’ll charge me gratuity on the card if I buy it onboard? In that case, definitely worth buying in advance…

from what I’ve read in the rules, they will charge the drink package for every adult over 21, in your cabin, (on your booking) I have friends who can drink quite a bit, but said they would never be able to drink enough to make a drink package worth while. They just paid for drinks ala cart.

Honestly I’m not sure. I’m just basing it on what I’m guessing was the reason my drink package was cheaper buying it before hand. Though the more I think about that theory the more it falls apart…

That and a $100 drinks card is more of a stored value versus buying a package so it’s more likely to be the same cost.

Yep, if one adult buys the package, it’s near impossible to not have the other adult buy the package. But I’m not talking about buying that, just the drink card…

You do not get charged gratuity on purchase of the card. The gratuity is calculated per-drink and removed from the card balance along with the cost of the drink. It appears that the “benefit” of buying a beverage card in advance is that they’ll print your name on the card, which can make it easier on wait staff if they’e managing multiple orders. But, you can also get one with your name on it by purchasing onboard at the Guest Services desk.

Ah. Sounds like there’s no reason not to pre-purchase a card so I’m going to go ahead and do that.

Thanks all!

If you’re a soft drink person, and expect to drink more than three cans/can equivalents of soda a day, the Coca-Cola Package is your best bet. It’s $8 a day, but the cans are about $2.50 each. I’m not sure what a fountain soft drink from a bar costs, but I imagine it’s similar. The package entitles you to get unlimited fountain soft drinks from any bar on the ship (albeit one at a time).

I couldn’t find where to buy it on their website, but if you call Holland America you can order the package by phone. And assuming the Niew Amsterdam is like the Oosterdam, you should also be able to buy the Coca-Cola Package from your lido deck server or from the front desk onboard ship. This is probably what you’d want to do if you’re sharing a stateroom with anyone who doesn’t also want the Coca-Cola Package, as it’s unclear from the HAL website whether everyone in the room has to buy this package the way everyone has to buy the alcohol packages.