Changes since my last cruise - drink pacakges?

OK, I’m working on completing some of my online to-do items for JCC 2020, and a few things have changed since the last time I went (2017), the least of which is the forums are completely different and much of the discussions have moved to Facebook, which I’m not the biggest fan of, but I’ll cope.

Anyway, I was working on my HAL excursions, etc. and did the way drink packages change, or am I just looking in the wrong place? From what I remember in 2017, it was either the complimentary stuff, a soda package, an alcohol package, and then premium packages, fine wines, etc.

Now all I seem to be finding on HAL’s site is a drink card option, and the wine and liquor options. Is that how it works now? Just pick up a card if all I’m really wanting is the periodic fruity drink, coctail, or glass of wine with dinner?

Hello, @tbushart. You may want to check out the JoCo Cruise wiki. It’s searchable, and has information regarding beverage packages.

Also, be sure to read the Official emails from JoCo Cruise THO, as they have listed information about how to purchase beverage packages, as well.

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Thanks Kate. Yeah I was searching across all the various info places. Saw some older posts on FB, and I think the wiki has some updates for 2020, but wasn’t entirely sure. From what I can tell I need to place an actual phone call to inquire about drink packages.

The horror… :wink:

Yes, THO has said that beverage packages can be purchased by telephone.

Edit to add: Yes, the wiki has substantial updates for 2020.

Thanks Kate.

Could’ve sworn the beverage packages were purchasable through the website, like excursions and such, but I wasn’t the primary on the room back then.

Thanks for your help!

Processes do change from ship to ship, I’ve found. So, maybe they were available online in 2017. I don’t remember.

You can also wait until you board the ship to purchase a drink package if you don’t want to use the phone.

Yup, you can buy a drink package from any bartender.

Appreciate the suggestions.

Ended up calling HAL’s customer service line and got it taken care of ahead of time.

Same here. My understanding is that there is a discount if you purchase before you are on board.

I come from the cruise services phone number with news!

The evian water packages are not available this year. It has been replaced with these brands and prices:
6x 1 liter bottles of “Aquapana” in your stateroom - $27.60 per person
12x 16 oz Bottles of “Open Water” in your stateroom - $48.30 per person.

All of the bottles are delivered to your stateroom on day one.

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Thank you for gathering this info!
ETA - Wait, per person?!!

I mean if you only need six bottles total for everyone in your stateroom you just have one person buy the package.

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