Confused how these forums work? Do the tutorial (and get a profile badge)!

You may not have noticed, but when you created your account you got a message from @discobot! If you check your messages and follow the friendly robot’s instructions, it will lead you through an interactive tutorial. You’ll learn all the basics about how these Discourse forums work. It’s really useful.

Completing the tutorial gets you the Certified profile badge!


(If you reply after you get Certified, I’ll message you and tell you how to learn even more stuff and get the Licensed profile badge!)


@rhaje, I would love to get Licensed! :nerd_face:


@rhaje I, too, would like to be Licensed.

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@rhaje I would be interested in getting Licensed as well.

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being licensed might be cool. :passenger_ship:

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  1. I love @discobot
  2. I would super like my license!
  3. I have high standards for forums (Ravelry has the best IMO) and I’m already impressed with this one. A+ gold star great job JoCoders!

@discobot doesn’t seem to like me as I can’t find a tutorial linked to discobot anywhere. This may be a sign to stay on FB and off forums.

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@TiaraSeamonkey, in the upper right, click on your profile circle. The drop down has 3 tabs. The 3rd tab is for messages. You should find a message from discobot, there.


That interactive tutorial was a lot of fun!

I’d love to learn more.

:ocean: :monkey_face: :heart:


Is it just clicking and reading the three highlighted items?

@TiaraSeamonkey the message from discobot will have instructions on how to take each step of the tutorial.

Click on the “Greetings”. Or click the down arrow, which will take you to your list of messages.

I’d like to become licensed, plz

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The question is: Licensed to do what?!! (not a real question :wink:)

I think I took the tutorial but I’m not sure!

I can’t find the tutorial. I see the Discobot message, but nothing about how to do the tutorial.

I am certifiable (and Certified)

Still figuring out how these forums differ from more traditional ones, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out or some helpful Sea Monkey will provide a good 411

Two hiccups with the tutorial for me so far:

  1. At the step that teaches bold and italics, the advance to the next step didn’t trigger when I tried to use both. When I went for just italics, it worked.

  2. I don’t seem to be able to get past the step for “@discobot display help.” Is the expectation to autocomplete/mention discobot or not (I would think yes)? Is the period part of the command or not? (I would think no, but the only form of this that has given me any feedback at all was with-autocomplete and with-period. The feedback was not terribly helpful, though, as it was simply a repetition of the instructions:

Apart from that, this looks like a fantastic tutorial. There was certainly nothing like this the last time I learned to use a forum :slight_smile: