Confused how these forums work? Do the tutorial (and get a profile badge)!

@discobot do you like disco music?

The only time I have gotten that dialog is when I have messed up completing the instruction I was actually given. It’s not actually a part of the tutorial itself…

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I wonder how I confused the bold and italics lesson that thoroughly, then…

The thing that eventually worked (to get the help to display, at least; I think I’m still going to have to skip to the next part of the tutorial) was:

display help

No period, no attempt to call discobot’s attention (which makes sense now that I’ve seen it; the tutorial is already a conversation with discobot…).

I started over, and made sure I only did italics on that lesson. Went through the first time, no issues at all with the rest of the tutorial. It looks like using both bold and italics threw the parser for too much of a loop to recover.

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I’m stuck at the moderation flagging step; I’ve flagged the message for moderation, but the tutorial won’t continue (note You flagged this for moderation):

Instead of replying continue, you can reply skip to go to the next step.

@pinballjules I’m more than a week late so hopefully you’ve already gotten help - Did you click Discobot’s “Greetings” message? (see Kate’s advice 4 posts before yours)

Thanks. I clicked and couldn’t find a tutorial. It doesn’t matter. I had to officially drop the berth to a 2 person cabin, because I couldn’t find a roommate. I posted a post, just would have liked to have seen the tutorial. Julie

@pinballjules, that’s too bad. :slightly_frowning_face:

The “Greetings!” message itself is the tutorial. Or rather, when you follow the “If you’d like to learn more” instructions at the end of @discobot’s “Greetings” message that will kick off the interactive tutorial.

So, several people have gotten stuck at the “flag this post” step.

There are four options when you flag the post. The instruction is to flag the post as Inappropriate, but what seems to be happening is that they’re choosing “Something Else” and entering their own reason. Those are getting sent to the moderators’ queue for action instead of being parsed by the bot.

The bot is very particular. If it says to do one thing OR another, it doesn’t know what’s happening if you do both. If it needs a flag to be of a specific type, it can’t do anything if it isn’t.


@rhaje - I would love to get Licensed.

I would like to be licensed please!