Extension Cord for CPAP?

It’s been a long day and I can’t find it via searching the web in a few different ways. When & where do I tell Holland America to supply me with an extension cord for my CPAP? Is it during Check-In? Is there time limit to do so?

While this email from THO is from 2019, I have confirmed that the information is still valid:

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Thank you, Kate! Your’e awesome!

Speaking of CPAPs, last year I bought a gallon of distilled water through Holland America, and when I got to my stateroom I discovered they’d also given me a complimentary gallon apparently because I’d told them I had a CPAP and would need an extension cord. On previous JoCo cruises with Holland America no complimentary water was supplied. Is it possible to find out whether or not I should be buying/bringing my own water this year, or if they’ll do as they did last year and just give me one? Since it’s a new b/o/a/t/ ship I don’t want to assume.

From the January 16 THO email:

NOTE: For those requiring CPAP machines, the ship has ordered plenty of extension cords (because there are no US-style plugs next to the stateroom beds), so you shouldn’t need to pack one. And please note when filling out your Special Requirements Form if you will need distilled water, so that the ship will have an adequate supply for everyone.

Yes, I saw that email, but it doesn’t say if it means “an adequate supply for Sea Monkeys to buy” or “an adequate supply for Holland America to provide for free”. Since in previous years they didn’t supply it for free, it’s made me wonder. I’m probably going to gamble on not buying any on the assumption that last year is a better guide to what will happen this year than the years before were, but I do wonder.

I would recommend completing the form and clarifying with HAL prior to sailing.

Yes, that’s undoubtedly the best plan.