Have room – Interior (aka cheapest possible!)

I have a 2-person booking and am looking for a berthmate! Deck 6 interior (L), Gold Team (late dinner/early concert), no drinks package


About me:
30F. Frequent cruiser but first-time Sea Monkey. Non-smoker, non-snorer, introvert. Avid reader and crafter (knitting, spinning). Not a partier, but don’t mind if you are. Not picky about gender. Reach out if you’re interested or know someone who might be!

There’s a person reaching out to me on facebook. Her name is Vanessa. If you want to send me a message, which I’m not sure how you do, with your contact info, I can PM it to her on Facebook. Julie

Thank you for letting me know! Actually, Vanessa reached out to me on facebook, too, and we’re already talking :smiley:

excellent news! I hope it works out.

Roommate has been found! Room no longer available

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