HAVE ROOM - Interior (L)

Hey all. Just booked a berth and I’m looking for a roommate.

About me:

  • I’ll be turning 31 on the 2022 cruise
  • genderqueer / non-binary (they/them)
  • 2022 will be my first JoCo cruise
  • non-smoker
  • no allergies
  • I do snore and I use white noise while I’m sleeping
  • I do drink and plan to purchase a beverage package

For me, the room on a cruise is just somewhere to sleep and clean up between activities. I occasionally need me-time to recharge, but I’ll likely just be watching videos on my laptop with headphones.

If you’d like to get to know me better, I’m on the JoCo Cruise discord, username Bedbug#1337

As far as roommates go, I’m looking for a fellow LGBTQ+ person or ally. The per-person cost for the room is $1,863, but the deposit for the reservation was $2,000. This means you will be paying $1,726 to the cruise line and $137 to me.

I could be interested. Check your discord DMs for my information.

If this is still available I might be interested.

This berth is no longer available.