Have Room, Verandah (VC)

I have a 4th floor VC room and need someone to share it with. The total cost is $5,248.00, so half would be $2624, if my math is right.

I’m a 29 year old knitter, dancer and podcast geek. Not a smoker, not planning on getting a drink package, I’ve been told I snore quietly sometimes, and I sleep relatively normal hours (midnight to 8 or so?). First time cruise and first time seamonkey but not my first time sleeping on a boat. Gavin, of volcano gravity fame, can vouch for my awesomeness… though… I forgot to actually check with him before saying that.

I’d prefer a female roommate somewhere around 30 who can pay half the cost of the room, but I’m willing to be flexible on all three counts for the sake of finding a roommate.

Full disclosure: I come from a home with very possessive cats and probably won’t be able to extract all the fur from my clothes, so do keep that in mind if you have allergies. I am also known to get crabby if I haven’t had enough sleep… I’m working on it, but, you know, huge bonus if we can respect each other’s sleep needs. (I’m not a super sensitive sleeper, I did survive college somehow.)

Hit me up here or send me an email at melodywrites42(at)gmail.com and we can chat :slight_smile:


Also! Gold team (late dinner). Not getting a drink package. Coming in from Seattle. Let me know if you have any other questions.

The shear number of folks that seem to be coming from the PNW leads me to believe that of the 2K capacity, something like 10% of the passengers will be Cascadian.

I wish you luck finding a roommate, my spouse and I are also first time monkeys as well as Gold team, and travelling from Seattle.

I don’t doubt it. After finding out about the cruise, I immediately started find people who are already regulars who I already know really well, from just about every corner of my life. It was super surreal.