Hello! Childcare tips?

Hello SeaMonkeys! My good friend and I are hoping to make 2021 our first JoCo Cruise after many years of watching enviously from afar, but she is having a baby in May 2020 who would need to join her on this trip. She looked into ship amenities and determined that on-board childcare does not appear to be available for children under 3 years old (but fortunately, her baby will be above the 6-month age minimum to attend). Her co-parent would be at home with their other children, so she and I would be tag-teaming baby care but there will be times when we’d both like to attend, say, a concert at a time when the baby may prefer to be asleep! Has anyone brought young kids along on previous JoCo Cruises and successfully secured childcare outside of the parameters of the on-board day camp? Or do you know someone who has? Is it silly to consider bringing a baby at all? Thanks and I hope to join you next year!