Inside cabin opinions?

I’m hoping 2022 will be my first JoCo Cruise. My question is how much time do you spend in your cabin, and is an inside cabin a decent choice, or should I save up a lot more for an Ocean View or Verandah?

If I go solo in an inside cabin, would I be missing a lot of the experience? I’m interested in the geekdom, music, gaming, cosplay, and social aspects of the cruise, not as much in looking at the ocean (I live not far from the SF Bay, so I get views of the water pretty much every day, and I’ve spent a fair bit of time diving in the Caribbean).

When I’m looking for a view, are there lounges, bars, restaurants, or other inside spaces with great views?

It depends on how much time you will spend in the cabin. There is always something going on so if you take advantage of the many shows, events, gaming, and dining options, you might only need to sleep in the cabin, and a small one with no window could be perfectly fine. There are spectacular views from many other places both inside and outside. On the other hand, if you need a home base that you’ll be spending daylight time in, a window or more can be nice. In our case, we wanted a verandah to hang out on for breakfast and afternoon chilling, so for us it was worth it to upgrade. BTW, these forums have been pretty quiet, and there is also a Discord now for the virtual cruise which is more active.

I’ve only been once from San Diego to Mexico, my first ever cruise.

We signed up late and had an inside cabin. Honestly, neither of us spent much time inside the cabin so it was fine. I told my nephew to go out, meet people, and have fun. We only saw each other at dinner and evening concerts.

The dining room had lots of tables which were not fully occupied during the day. There were great views out of windows there if you just want to chill by yourself. Sometimes I would join a single person for meals and we’d have pleasant interesting conversations.

There was lots to do! Impromptu concerts/gatherings, gaming, crafting, lectures, panels. In the evenings you have dinner, then the concert and then into bed unless you feel like joining an informal “party” on deck. People were super-nice and open to chatting/interacting. My nephew made casual friends with people he gamed with and learned some great new games and had a great time.

Being an introvert, I wasn’t there to make friends but still had a great time.