Last minute room available for 2020 [Ocean View (D), $1900, OBO]

With a little under a month before sailing, I’m looking for someone to split an ocean view (D), room 1095 (midship-ish)

I’m a 31 year old male software engineer form SF. This is my 4th JoCo sailing. I’m very easygoing, I don’t smoke or have allergies. I’m not planning on doing the drinks package. No gender preference.

Full cost of the room is $3943. I’ll cover any change fees. Ideally I’d like to recover roughly half ($1900), but I’m negotiable on price.

Hi. I’m very interested in going, as I had to give up my berth for someone else who deserves it more than me (extraordinarily long story). Sadly, the most I could offer is $1000. If that’s okay with you, please e-mail me at

By the by, I’m a 43 year old male tabletop geek from north Florida. I’m easygoing as well. I don’t smoke or have allergies, but I do have a CPAP for my sleep apnea.

Oh, sorry, a friend on Facebook already snagged the spot.

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No worries! I’m glad a friend of your’s got it. :slight_smile: