Roommate needed. Ocean-view; deck 1. Discount

Looking for a roommate for my stateroom (joco 2020). Ocean-view cabin on deck 1 .

I am 46 yo male, straight. This is my 2nd JoCo. I’m fine with male or female (who doesn’t snore much).
I had a female roommate last year and it went well (you can get references on me from other sea monkeys)

Price $2000 (i.e. this is half the price with ~$450 discount)

Hi Yuri,

I’m interested in joining the cruise. :passenger_ship:
42 year old, straight male. Went on the 2018 cruise but skipped 2019.

I don’t snore and don’t smoke. Generally I get to bed early and wake up early but I’m a considerate roommate if you prefer to sleep in.


Sounds good. Let’s talk today. I just returned from overseas (was in flights yesterday).

Dusty, greetings. Thank you for your interest. I am also somewhat of an early person (though depends on how early you are :slight_smile: ). Let’s connect today. Can you direct message me on Facebook?