Roommate Needed or 3>2 Trade (2020, Interior, Cheap!)

Looking for someone to join myself (Eliza, 4th time JoCo) and my roommate (Andy, 1st timer) in our gloriously cheap J-class interior stateroom. Only $1400 after discounts, we can split the $100 name change fee. Also open to trading to a 2-person stateroom if someone wants a 3-person.

We are both in our 30s, big readers and into outdoor hobbies. We’re night owls so will come in quietly but probably around 2-3 am, and then sleep until 10-11 am. Both of us will mostly not be in the room except for sleeping, costuming, and maybe some reading breaks. We are non-smokers, non-fragrance wearers, non-snorers, and sociable introverts. Looking for a non-snorer who will be respectful of sleeping roommates. We welcome both someone who wants to meet new people and hang out with us sometimes, or someone who just wants to be on their own agenda.

No drinks package. If you are coming from Vancouver Canada area we can name-change cheap return flights for about $700 (Canadian) total.

We’d be interested in trading our 2-person MM for your 3-person J so we can add a 3rd. (How’s the 3rd bed work in there… fold-out couch or something?)

…or not. Our potential 3rd just said they can’t come. :stuck_out_tongue:

I might be interested in sharing your 3-Berth cabin, but I’m having trouble finding any plans for a “gloriously cheap J-class interior stateroom” on the Nieuw Amsterdam layout. Do you happen to have a link or is the 3rd berth basically a couch?

Hi Matt - it is room 1021 (Deck 1). 2 lower beds, 1 sofa, 1 upper. I don’t know whether they use the sofa or the upper for the third bed. Andy and I are flexible about who sleeps where.

Hi Eliza,
I’m interested if this berth is still available, please let me know via email so that we can discuss how to proceed. I have been on last 6 JoCo cruises. Thanks!