Seeking roommates? READ THIS FIRST

If you either have a booking and are seeking roommates to join you, or are seeking to join an existing booking, this is a great place to be! Create a new post (don’t try to reply to this one, you can’t anyway), give it a clear descriptive title (see below), and include the appropriate info (ditto), and you’re off and running.

First and foremost, when you begin your post, please select the correct category from the drop-down menu—2021 Roommates for people on JoCo Cruise 2021. This will make it easy for people to sort out and find the roommate posts for the appropriate year they need.

Please have your title contain the following info:

  • “HAVE ROOM” or “NEED ROOM”, as applicable to your situation
  • Room type you have, or type(s) you’re seeking to join

HAVE ROOM - Verandah (VC)
NEED ROOM - any Interior, Ocean-view or Verandah

Please be sure to include the following information in your post:

  • More specifics about your cabin
  • The cost of the berth (if you have a booking) or your approximate budget (if you’re seeking a booking)
  • Personal information you are comfortable sharing
  • Specific needs or requirements that may affect your situation (e.g., accessibility needs, etc.)

Please also consider sharing other relevant information that may affect potential roommates. Some examples:

  • Do you have a gender preference for the person you wish to room with?
  • Do you smoke?
  • Any allergies?
  • Do you snore?
  • Do you prefer to sleep late/wake early?
  • Are you introverted/extroverted?
  • Do you plan to purchase a beverage package*?

*We mention beverage packages because HAL requires that, in order for one passenger in a booking to purchase an alcoholic beverage package, all the aged-21+ passengers in that booking are required to purchase one.

Finally: you are also encouraged to check out and/or post your roommate search on the JoCo Cruise Sea Monkey Facebook groups. (You will need to submit to become a member of each before posting there.)